Case Study

Canadem Election Observation

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Date: January 2019
Client: Canadem
Industry: Not-For-Profit
The Problem

Canadem asked Stega Networks to set up the IT infrastructure for an upcoming election observation mission in Ukraine. Within a short time frame, we were asked if we could supply the necessary equipment to deploy 250 election observation experts in Kiev. They needed to send 200+ experts throughout the region to take notes on the ground and we were in charge of the technology relaying information back to their management team.

Throughout the past years, it was completed manually with pen and paper but with the growing amount of participants needed, Canadem needed to find a way to automate and digitize all the information.

It was a challenge. It was a totally new non-existent setup. Nothing like this had been done before and time was of the essence. It needed to be done well and needed it to be done fast. We were given a month's notice for this mission and everything needed to be done well in advance to allow time for local partners to configure and ensure processes were smooth.

Canadem representitives review important political documentation
Our Goals
Time Efficient time

Our rapid deployment ensured the project would be completed on time.

Network Security safe and secure

Stega made sure the connections between communications will be stable.

Cloud Solutions ongoing
remote support

We were able to utilize our tools to control our client’s infrastructure remotely.

Technology Integration cost effective

Stega was able to save clients' financial resources by using our diverse network to source equipment.

Our Solution
Canadem representitive reviews political documentation

Every observer needed a phone, email, username, and laptop to properly conduct their observations effectively. That’s where Stega stepped in and sourced all equipment necessary for the operation. Before the observation experts were deployed, we were able to effectively prepare the whole team with the equipment and even deployed the local area network for the headquarters of the operations.

Throughout years of experience and past projects in Afghanistan, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Kiev, the Stega team is still effectively learning tips and tricks from every new mission to provide only the best. We either implement existing solutions we often deal with or develop our own custom resolution that fits all aspects of the mission.

In this case, we were able to digitize the form to allow all observers to enter information through handheld tablets and stream all data collection back to HQ. Stega will continue to keep all information safe and secure during the process of the project and continue providing remote support whenever needed.